EarthBaby was started by two Bay Area dads in 2008.

After searching for a convenient and environmentally friendly alternative to disposable diapers they found that single-use compostable diapers were available, but no service existed to actually compost them. They learned that unless these diapers were composted by a licensed commercial compost facility, they would still end up in the landfill where nothing has a chance to compost.

Disposable diapers constitute the 3rd largest contributor (by volume) to US landfill sites today.* EarthBaby addresses this problem and closes the loop, ensuring that diapers stay out of the landfill.

Currently EarthBaby diverts more than 16,000 pounds of diaper waste from Bay Area landfills each week and converts it to nutrient-rich soil.

* EPA 2008 Municipal Solid Waste Generation, Recycling and Disposal in the United States: report 7.6 billion pounds per year and 2.3% of landfill


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